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About Us

What is Prexure?

Prexure is a brand designed to highlight the positive effects pressure can have. Although pressure can sometimes feel suffocating, it also has the potential to create beautiful things, like diamonds. A person wearing Prexure clothing has been through the fire, persevered through incredible amounts of pressure, and proudly displays their Prexure Diamond.

My Prexure Journey:

I am Jordan, the creator of Prexure. My Prexure journey began as a student athlete which taught me how to confidently overcome obstacles, whether finding ways around or through them. I loved the thrill, the conflict, the resolution, and the clear winner in the game of basketball. When I stopped playing in my third year of college, I struggled to define myself through the same lens, and I was adrift. This turned into an opportunity for me to elevate who I wanted to become, and what steps I needed to take to get there. I was able to step forward into my new self, and doing so freed me of my old ways of thinking. My own brand of clothing had always been in the back of my mind, and I was finally in a place where I could bring it to life. My transformation from student athlete to business owner has been an incredible experience not without its share of twists and turns, and ups and downs. Ultimately, I've grown to respect and be grateful for the pressure to succeed. I'm more motivated than ever and the pressure to grow the business keeps me focused and learning new skills every day.